Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Incident Control

Call the incident control unit, something’s gone wrong;
Fallen apart, split in two

Call the incident control unit, this is going to be a mess,
Something tells me this is worse than all the rest.

Call Thames Water, there’s a drought in my eyes,
I think I’m crying but words are coming out;
Words and phrases and dirty looks;
‘I miss you’
‘This is wrong’

If this is for the best, like we say it is, then why does it feel so bad?

Call the incident control unit; this is going to be hell.
I’m about to combust,
I know you can tell,
That I’m finding it hard, (I want you so bad,)
But I’m trying to be strong, because, you know...I must.

I can’t dwell on the past, and what might have been,
I can’t think all day about the times we spent together,
The happiest I’ve ever been.

I can tell you though, that with you, I was me.
Now I’m just ‘ma’
Not that you complete me,
It’s not as simple as that.
With you I can be everything I am,
You don’t judge me or misunderstand.
You’re here for me when I implode or –ex-
You know how to hold me down until the next
Time that I lose it and say something stupid,
You hold me down to the ground
With your warm soft hand.

You’re the yin to my yang.

You’re the calm after my storm, now all I am is the hurricane; all I have is the rain.

So call the incident control unit, because I’m going to need some help.
I don’t know how I’ll get thought this.
Call the police, the paramedics, call anyone you know, I need all the help I can get.

This isn’t as good as I thought it would be. The words aren’t coming out right.
I’m trying to say, that with you I am me, without you I’m lost.
I’m trying to tell you I’m trying.
I know that I’m stupid, and I ask you back, but what can I do but try?
I know it’s for the best, really I do, but I miss you and I love you and I know you’re the best, person for me, but it’s not the best time.
The best person for me, just not at the moment,
The best person I’ll ever meet and I’ll stand by that forever.

So call the emergency services there’s been a natural disaster, because me, without you, is anything but natural.

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