Monday, 1 June 2009


How important is time?
When you think about important is time?
Some people say ‘Time is against me.’
Some say ‘Time is on my side’
I say I’m a Time Bomb.

One day after another, one more hour lost.
Time is a constant reminder of something we’re missing.
There’s no way of stopping it, there’s no way of learning how to spend your time, there’s no way of telling if you’re right or wrong.
Time is something I don’t know about, something I can’t measure, even though I wear a watch.

Every cigarette takes 11 minutes off your life.
So that’s another 11 minutes gone.
Am I really going to miss it at the end?
Am I really going to sit on deaths door thinking about all those cigarettes; calculating how many more days I could have had if I never smoked them?
Am I really going to sit and think about all the time I ‘wasted’?

But who measures wasted time? Who’s to say what’s wasted and what is time well spent?
If I say to you, ‘I spent last night smoking’ will you think I wasted 110 minutes of my life?
If I say to you ‘last night I played my guitar all night’ that’s not wasted is it?

In your opinion

I don’t know; I have no answers.
All I know is that this is how I’m spending my time. This is what I chose to do. Whether it’s right or wrong
If time is ticking, then so am I
If time is wasted then I am too.
I’m a wasted person, a wasted second, a wasted thought from a drunken fumble. do I make this positive?
How do I turn this around?

The time I spend with you, is the best time I have.
The time I spend playing by guitar makes me smile.
The time I have; the time I use; the times when I know what I’m doing, are the best times by far.

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