Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Hollow Man

Have to sort out this insomnia

Can’t sleep when I’m tired, can’t get up when I need to.
And it’s not even like my mind is busy; I’m not thinking about things, not thinking at all.
I’m not in emotional turmoil; not anymore

I’m ready; I’m eager; I’m wasting away.
Incense and nicotine; I know this won’t help me sleep; but what choice do I have?

I enjoy looking out of my window; but it’s always steamed up - even when it’s open.

I’m bored of everything you know; but I don’t think I need a change (maybe a change of hair.)
TV bores me; reading is ....blah
Nothing stimulates.
I have nothing to stimulate; no thoughts in my brain;
I’m hollow;
Like the hollow man.

The hollow man who feels nothing;
The hollow man who can’t make up his mind
25 years of saying this and that; 25 years of working towards a goal; towards about ten different goals –which one is right?

He’s the hollow man - he doesn’t know;
Sometimes he doesn’t care - doesn’t think about anything;
Just stands on the escalator and sees where it takes him;
Ends up in my face - but doesn’t know why he’s there.

Like I end up in front of his house – all though I know what I’m doing – I know why I’m there;
I’m bleeding myself dry.

But now I’m just hollow;
Just like him;
A hollow girl.

Wait; that’s wrong –I’ll never be hollow I am too deep.
Maybe even bottomless – there is no end to my emotions, no bottom, no floor.
Only flaws. Ha!

He’s a hollow man; whose eyes are dead; whose hands wander with no aim.
He’s a hollow man and is all changed; not the man I used to know.

I’m a girl with a lot on her mind; too much to handle right now.
So I keep it down; keep it quiet;
Sometimes I think I talk too much.

For now I’ve insomnia and that’s probably best
Probably the best thing for everyone.

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