Wednesday, 10 March 2010


For Your Information.

For Your Information, I’m not doing well
I’m in agony; I am in hell.

For Your Information, things still haven’t changed; time is moving slower than ever.

For Your Information, my hearts on the line; every morning I wake up, every evening I sleep, my heart is out there, for you to take, for you to make, for you to break.

Each morning I rise I fight the same battle; every night that I sleep I am battle weary.
My wounds will not heal; my eyes will not dry
- For Your Information.

This is not an angry thing; I wish I could feel anger.

I wish that I was a solider with a heart of stone; I wish my walls were up.
But for your information as time drags on I have to hold myself down, or I’ll soon be gone.
For Your Information, with my heart in my hand, I’ll never give up, I’ll never lie down and be one of those girls that you talk to all night, one of those girls where it’s all turned out right – like, ‘hey now were friends and everything’s cool’
For Your Information I am a fool.

I know what I’m doing and I know it’s not right
I know that I’m losing.
But I’ve played my hand - the best that I have, I have shown you all my cards.

For Your Information you had all of me, honestly, I don’t know any tricks. (Pick a card; any card)

For Your Information I am your girl, for better or worse
But For Your Information ...I’m done.

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