Wednesday, 11 February 2009

If My Life Was a Movie

If my life were a would know how I would know what I am doing right now –you would be watching me.

If my life is a movie what genre would it be? Probably horror; first thing in the morning;

Probably comedy 24/7;

Probably romantic for 10% of the time

And most definitely Sci-fi....when I’m talking to myself – you know that I talk to myself?

If my life is a movie then I’m a movie star; I’m the lead; I’m the siren of the silver screen. You are a five minute flash; a cameo role.

If my life is a movie then it makes sense, how people know what I’m thinking or saying or just about to do.

It makes sense when I swear people watch me from their windows as I go; watch me and whisper,

‘That’s that girl...’

It makes sense how you could know things that I would never tell; like when I was a child; I used to kiss my pillow, pretend it was a man whom I loved...I never told anyone, but my sister knew; she knew and she told all her friends about me and my secret little game –

I was so ashamed,

But never worked out how she knew.

You say my eyes give me away; well maybe my eyes are movie screens. Maybe in the deep blue wells of my eyes lie the stories and troubles and turns of my life.

Maybe my life is not a movie, maybe I’m just transparent – you can see right through me.

Because I am such a terrible liar; the truth must just be written across my face in thick black marker.

Or maybe that’s what I want you to believe.

Maybe my life is a movie, and I am the villain. Maybe I am deceitful and nasty and opaque – maybe my big brother is watching and I am playing the game, maybe I’m just acting, trying to be who I want to be.

If my life was a movie, or a music video, how would you know

If I was being true or false

Wrong or right

Hero or villain?

If my life was a movie who would be the star?

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